Jupiter in 2022-23: Report no.4

Jupiter in 2022-23: Report no.4

–John Rogers & Shinji Mizumoto

Soon after Report no.3 was posted, it became evident that there was more to show and tell about the topics therein, so here is an update.  Illustrations include maps in visible and infrared wavebands; v-hi-res images; and double transits of Europa and Ganymede.  Topics covered include the NEB, GRS, and STB, and the reason why the recent opposition of Jupiter was the closest for many decades.

The report, with small copies of the figures, is here:  Report-no4_(2022dec1)_&Minifigs

The full-size figures are here:   Report-no4_Figures

Here is a small copy of Figure 5, our latest labelled map of the planet:


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