Jupiter in 2022-23: Report no.6

Jupiter in 2022/23, Report no.6:  Final report on the high northern latitudes

by John Rogers, Gianluigi Adamoli, & Rob Bullen  (British Astronomical Association)

using information from the JUPOS team (Gianluigi Adamoli, Rob Bullen, Michel Jacquesson, & Hans-Jörg Mettig) and the JunoCam team (Candice Hansen, Glenn Orton, Tom Momary & Gerald Eichstädt)



Our previous reports this apparition have focussed on Jupiter’s low latitudes that can be well resolved in ground-based images, covering nothing north of the NNTZ.  Here we present a full report on the mid-to-high northern latitudes, from the NNTB to the north polar region (NPR), from amateur images as measured and mapped by the JUPOS team, and compared with JunoCam maps. In the N4 to N6 domains, JUPOS tracked many features, mostly bright (AWOs and cyclonic features).  This coverage extends even further north than in previous years, beyond the northernmost (N7) jet, with measurements up to 76°N. Thus, for the first time, we reveal the systematic retrograde drift of FFRs that constitute the northernmost belt (~69-75°N).  We also report the fourth recorded instance of an AWO moving from the N4 to the N3 domain, a remarkable phenomenon that is almost unknown outside this latitude band.

The report text is in this PDF:   Report_2022_High-N-lats_final

Small copies of the figures are in this PDF:  Report_2022_High-N-lats_Minifigures

The full-size figures are in these two ZIP files:  Report-no-6_Figures1-10


Below are a some samples of the figures, followed by Animation-1 (sequential blinks of north polar projection maps made by Rob Bullen from images by Isao Miyazaki and others).



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