Jupiter in 2022-23: Report no.8

Jupiter in 2022/23, Report no.8:  Final report on the southern hemisphere

John Rogers (BAA), Gianluigi Adamoli, Rob Bullen, Michel Jacquesson, Hans-Joerg Mettig (JUPOS team), & Shinji Mizumoto (ALPO-Japan).

(2023 Sep.20)

This detailed report consolidates and completes the accounts that we have already given of the SEBn jet (where there appears to be a new S. Equatorial Disturbance), the S. Tropical domain (including the shrinkage and flaking of the GRS), and the S. Temperate domain (where the various cyclonic features recorded previously have developed and transformed so that the dark STB has revived around more than half the circumference).   An overview is given of the S.S. Temperate (S2) domain, where there have been only minor changes.  We present a full analysis of the S3 and S4 domains, with a detailed zonal drift profile.  The highlight is the measurement of a prominent wave pattern on the S4 jet.  The results are essentially from amateur images though with additional insights from hi-res JunoCam maps.

The text of the report is in this PDF:   Report-no-8_2023_Final-S-hemis_final

Small copies of the figures are in this PDF:  Report-no-8_Minifigs

The full-size figures are in this ZIP file:  Report-no-8_Figures

Below are some v-hi-res images by Damian Peach, and an example of our ground-based maps, near opposition.

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