Jupiter’s North Equatorial Belt and Jet: III. The ‘great northern upheaval’ in 2012

This paper is in press in the Journal of the BAA (2018).

The complete paper including figures (small copies) is in this PDF:    NEB_paperIII_Complete_Final.pdf


In Paper II we described the extreme changes in Jupiter’s North Equatorial Belt (NEB) which took place in 2011-12: quiescence, narrowing, and fading of the belt, along with acceleration of the prograde NEBs jet to super-fast speed.  Here we describe how this anomalous state was terminated in 2012, in a rapid and vigorous disturbance known as a NEB Revival – the first in living memory.  At the same time, the North Temperate Belt (NTB) had entered a similar preparatory state, which was terminated by a NTB Revival initiated by a typical outbreak on the super-fast NTBs jet.  The two concurrent Revivals appeared to constitute a ‘great northern upheaval’ that extended from the equator to ~38ºN, which may have been the first such event ever recorded.  We compare this dual event with the more typical ‘Global Upheavals’, which consist of near-simultaneous Revivals of the NTB and the South Equatorial Belt (SEB), along with equatorial coloration, and we discuss the current understanding of Global Upheavals.

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