JunoCam at PJ42

JunoCam at PJ42: What the pictures show

John Rogers (BAA)  (2022 June 29)

PJ42 was on 2022 May 23, with a track close to that at PJ41.  There was good longitude coverage for mapping the planet at the start of the apparition, notably showing developments in the NEB and STB.  Closeup images showed a striking feature in the NNTB/NNTZ, and details of the evolving cloud textures in the NEB and the STBn jet.

The report is here, including miniature copies of the figures (PDF):  Report-on-PJ42-&Minifigs

The full-size figures are here (ZIP file): Report-on-PJ42_Figures

Figure 8c shows the notable part of the NNTB/NNTZ, at PJ41 and PJ42:

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