JunoCam at PJ44

Juno’s Perijove-44 (PJ44) was on 2022 Aug.17.  Here is our usual report on the JunoCam images.  It includes a ground-based map and a set of amateur images of the developing NEB(S) outbreak. Close-up highlights at PJ44 were:

–A fresh bright outbreak in the NEB(S): possibly the most vigorous of the three that JunoCam has now been fortunate enough to image in close-up.

–The dynamic STB sector that includes White Spot 6 and the turbulent STB segment descended from Clyde’s Spot.

–The north polar polygon: together with the PJ43 view on the opposite side, this provided a complete view of the ‘vortex crystal’.

The report (PDF including mini-figures) is here:  Report-on-PJ44-&MiniFigs

The full-size figures (ZIP file) are here:  PJ44-Report_Figures

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