JunoCam at PJ46

JunoCam at PJ46

John Rogers (BAA) (2022 Nov.23)


Here is our report on Juno’s Perijove-46, which occurred on 2022 Nov.6.  As well as the usual stunning close-ups of the north pole, turbulent northern domains, and other regions, the images produced:

–A complete global map from the inbound and outbound images, compared with an amateur map;

–Fine details in the EZ and SEB from high-quality (lossless) images;

–Close-ups of STB Dark Spot 8 and a contrasting cyclonic white oblong in the SSTB;

–Maps of the haze bands in the South Polar region.


The text of the report is in this PDF:    Report-on-PJ46

Small copies of the figures are in this PDF:    Report-on-PJ46_Minifigs

The full-size figures are in this PDF:    PJ46-report_Figures

Here is Figure 11 [reduced] showing the turbulent SEB following the GRS:


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