JunoCam at PJ47

PJ47 took place on 2022 Dec.15.  Despite a technical issue that disrupted data return, almost all the images were recovered, except for the lo-res outbound sequence.  Highlights include:

–Distant images of Io showing many volcanic calderas and other features;

–Interactions within the north polar polygon of cyclones;

–A fortunate view of a new white plume in the NEB, the first convective outbreak in mid-NEB for over a year;

–A closeup of oval BA.

The report (with mini-figures) is in this PDF:  Report-on-PJ47_&Minifigs

The full-size figures are in this ZIP file:  PJ47-Report_Figures

Here are small copies of Figure 3A (global map from the inbound images) and Figure 6 (composite map of the north polar cyclones polygon), both from maps made by Gerald Eichstädt:

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