Juno at Perijove-4

Juno had another successful pass over Jupiter at its fourth perijove on 2017 Feb.2. 

JunoCam took another fine set of images, which are presented here with annotations.  Highlights include:

At the north and south polar regions, confirmation of the spectacular and novel features discovered at perijoves 1 and 3.

Close-up images of the newly reviving NTB (“Big red stripe”), showing how it has developed since perijove-3;

and of the NEB with very active convective ‘rifts’;

and of the new outbreak of convective ‘rifts’ in the SEB;  all as voted for by members of the public (including us!).

A report on these images, with annotated versions, is in the PDF (link below).

Below are Figure 1 (a context map) and Figure 2 (north polar region), both with concurrent amateur images for comparison. 

These can be compared with the predictive map on this web site under ‘Jupiter in 2016-17 / Report no.5: Preview…’

Full-size versions of all the figures are in a ZIP file (link below), along with sets of the last inbound and first outbound images which cover the rest of the planet.



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