Juno at Perijove-8

This report describes the images taken by JunoCam at PJ8, and presents map projections of the images.


At PJ8 (2017 Sep.1), JunoCam produced a complete swathe of hi-res images from pole to pole, displaying fantastical cloudscapes in all the high latitudes, and confirming now-familiar features of the polar regions and the small bright shadow-casting clouds.  The long-lived FFR in the NNTB displayed beautiful cloud patterns.  Newly formed ovals and barges were imaged in the northern NEB. The highlight was the STB Ghost, whose circulations can be detected in a preliminary animation (Supplementary Figure S2). In the SSTB, hi-res images support our view that anticyclonic vortices develop from a large FFR and merge into the developing AWO-A5a, while outbound images suggest that two long-lived AWOs are likely to merge at any time.  As another bonus at PJ8, Io and Europa were imaged for the first time, and the shadow of Amalthea was fortuitously captured on the EZ (Supplementary Figure S1). 

The text of the report is in this PDF:  Juno-PJ8-report_JHR.pdf

Small copies of the figures are in this PDF:  Juno-PJ8-report_minifigs.pdf

The full-size figures are in this ZIP file:  PJ8_Report-by-JHR_Figures.zip

Supplementary Figures S1 and S2 are copied below.

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