Juno at Perijove-8: First look at the images

JunoCam captured numerous excellent images at Perijove-8 on 2017 Sep.1, which are now on the JunoCam web site.  Here are preliminary annotated compilations of a few of them, showing the most interesting features in the NEB and the S. Temperate region. The images captured everything that I suggested and hoped for!  Also attached is a set of ground-based images of the track taken around the same time.

In the North Equatorial Belt,  JunoCam caught a white oval, and a barge just forming (not clearly visible on the concurrent ground-based images but suggested by earlier images); and one of the dark blue projections (infrared hot spot) on the NEB south edge.  On eimage also includes the shadow of Amalthea!

JunoCam captured the whole of the STB Ghost in a thorough sequence of images (118-123), which should enable measurements of its cyclonic circulation.  It looks as though it may have a ‘recirculation loop’ to the southwest, as we expected since a similar feature was seen in the PJ5 images of the STB Spectre. 

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