Juno at Perijove-9 (Part II): What the close-up images show

Summary:  At perijove-9 (PJ9) on 2017 Oct.24, JunoCam took the usual superb sets of images covering both polar regions, and an almost continuous swathe of close-ups. These included close-ups of two outstanding anticyclonic white ovals (AWOs):  White Spot Z in the N. Tropical Zone, and A5 in the SSTB.  Views of high latitudes gave further insights into the multicoloured haze bands there.  This report describes and annotates what is visible in these images.

The full report with small copies of the figures is here (PDF file):    Juno-PJ9-report-II_Closeup-images.pdf

The full-size figures are here (ZIP file):     PJ9-report_JHR_Figs4-12.zip

And here is Figure 10:

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