Juno at PJ17

JunoCam at Perijove-PJ17 (2018 Dec.21): What the pictures show

–John Rogers  (2019 Feb.8)     

Highlights include:

–A view of Io with a visible volcanic plume;

–The shadow of Amalthea on the EZ, plus a mysterious tiny dark spot on NEBn;

–A map covering much of the planet at the start of the new apparition;

–Fine details of the NTB rifted region with hazes and clouds at different levels;

–The ochre-coloured EZ, with some mesoscale waves;

–JunoCam’s first good view of oval BA, now almost white; its rapid circulation has been visualised and measured.

The report, with miniature figures is posted here as a PDF:    PJ17-report_Part1&Figs.pdf

The full-size figures are here in a ZIP file:    PJ17-report-JHR_Figures.zip

Part II of the report, covering the polar regions (added later):    PJ17-report_Part2_Polar-regions.pdf

The full-size figures for Part II:     PJ17-report-II(Polar)_Figures.zip

Appendix 1: PJ17: Circulation in oval BA’. is here as a PDF:   PJ17-Appx1_BA-rotation.pdf

–and the animation of oval BA is below, followed by illustrations from the main report:

Below are (i) an animation of the south polar region; (ii)  the planet-wide map (Figure 2).


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