JunoCam at PJ27

PJ27 was on Tuesday June 2, and a typical set of superb images was taken.  

Our report is posted here in two parts.  Part I is based mainly on the ‘version 01’ images posted by the JunoCam team.  Part II (posted on August 1) is based on full-quality maps and images produced by Gerald Eichstädt and by Björn Jónsson.

The highlight was the closeup imaging of ‘Clyde’s spot’, a new convective plume that erupted two days earlier in a faint cyclonic spot in the STB latitudes, as discovered by Clyde Foster.  A broader account of this is his 2-page abstract for the EPSC, attached herewith.

Report Part I, text & mini-figures (PDF):   PJ27-report-I_JHR.pdf

Report Part I, full-size figures (ZIP):   PJ27-report-I_Figures.zip

Abstract on Clyde’s spot (PDF):      EPSC 2020 Clyde_Abstract final.pdf

Report Part II, text & mini-figures (PDF):   PJ27-report-II_&Figures.pdf

Report Part II, full-size figures (ZIP):   PJ27-report-II_Figures.zip

Ground-based map of the track (Figure 3, by Rob Bullen — reposted here on August 1 with updated feature labels):

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