JunoCam at PJ31

Here is our report on the JunoCam images at PJ31 (2020 Dec.30).  Highlights include a flash of lightning detected in one of the northern circumpolar cyclones; closeup views of the NTB and NEB now that they have completed their big upheavals; a view of the convective plumes in the SEB following the GRS; and mapping of the southern circumpolar cyclones that confirms the cyclic motion of the pentagon.  The final ground-based maps of the 2020 apparition, covering the PJ31 track, are also included. 

The text is in this PDF file:   Report-on-PJ31_JHR_final-text.pdf

The figures (somewhat reduced) are in this PDF file:  Report-on-PJ31_Figures.pdf

The full-size figures are in this ZIP file:  Report-on-PJ31_Figures.zip

Gerald’s animation showing a flash of lightning is in this animated GIF file:  PJ31C00009-10_Gerald_Lightning-in-CPC_map-blink.gif

Here is one of the images (Figure 10):


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