JunoCam at PJ33

This page presents our report on the JunoCam images at PJ33 (2021 April 15).  

The main highlight was in the South Temperate domain:  the first closeup images of cyclonic spots DS6 and DS7 (“Clyde’s spot) for nearly a year.  DS6 has changed from a dark brown oval into an orange-&-white oval sitting next to oval BA, while DS7 has become a miniature folded filamentary region (FFR).

Other highlights include:

NNTB:  Closeup of a FFR with a methane-band image showing relative levels of clouds.

N. Temperate & Tropical domains:  Comparison of cloud textures now that both the NTB and NEB are quiescent.  In the NEB, a small bright orange spot that could be an early view of a plume that was to erupt 3 days later.

Circumpolar cyclones:  Confirmation of the altered configuration of the northern polygon, and of the cyclic motion of the south polar cyclone.  

The text of the report is here:   PJ33-report_JHR.pdf

The figures (reduced size) are in this PDF:   PJ33-report_Figures.pdf

The full-sized figures are in this ZIP file:     PJ33-report_Figures(fullsize).zip

Fig.10 is the map of the S. Temperate domain from oval BA to Clyde’s spot:

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