JunoCam at PJ37

Here is a report on the PJ37 images.  Highlights include:

–An impact flash had been recorded by amateurs 28 hours before the flyby and the location was within Juno’s images of the N. Tropical Zone.  No definite traces are visible, which is notable as this is the first-ever closeup view of such a fresh impact site.

–These images show unprecedented detail in an anticyclonic oval in the NTropZ, and confirm fascinating cloud textures in the whitened NEB.

–The north polar region is imaged better as the orbit evolves, showing further evolution of the cluster of cyclones, and extensive haze bands further south.

–In the south polar region, haze patterns are dominated by a dark ‘Long Band’ half-encircling the polar pentagon, and dense arrays of oblique bands further north.

–Inbound, JunoCam obtained its first well-resolved view of Europa.

The illustrations include amateur imaging products: a global map, and a set of images covering the Oct.16 impact and PJ37 track.

The report (with mini-Figures) as a PDF:  PJ37-report&Figures.pdf

The full-size figures in a ZIP file:     PJ37-report_Figures.zip

Reduced copy of Figure 10:

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