JunoCam at PJ38

Juno’s Perijove-38 was on 2021 Nov.29. As the spacecraft was tilted to look directly downwards, JunoCam got its closest views yet of the North Temperate domain and adjacent regions.  Juno was lucky to pass directly over several important features:  the anticyclonic oval NN-LRS-1; the recent convective outbreak in the residual NEB(S); and the still-active remnant of an outbreak in the STB (Spot 8).

Part I is a preliminary report based on early versions of the images:

     The report (text and mini-figures) is here:  Report-on-PJ38_JHR.pdf

     The full-size figures are here:   PJ38-Report-I_Figures.zip

Part II adds results from the full-quality images and maps produced by Gerald Eichstädt.  This includes details of the NEB(S) outbreaks, where we have closeup images of many of the unusual features (see ‘index map’ below). It also includes extensive coverage of the haze patterns in the South Polar Region, which can now be seen over a complete rotation of the planet.  

     The report (text and mini-figures) is here:  PJ38-report_PartII-&minifigs.pdf

     The full-size figures are here:   PJ38-Report-II_Figures.zip


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