Juno at PJ51

Juno’s Perijove-51  occurred on 2023 May 16. The highlight was Juno’s closest pass yet past Io, giving JunoCam its best images yet of the moon.  As the spacecraft was turned to view Io, there was a gap in the inbound images of Jupiter, but enough were obtained on the inbound and outbound legs to give a map covering most of the planet, coinciding with the start of the apparition for ground-based observers.  There were excellent close-ups of the north polar cyclones, and views of the haze bands over high northern latitudes at the terminator, then Juno passed onto the night side.

Referring to the global map, we note that the ‘hook’ around the GRS has almost disappeared since PJ50; it was short-lived, but it did emit a South Tropical Band which has now moved some distance preceding the GRS.  An analysis including ground-based maps prepared by Shinji Mizumoto is included.

The report (with miniature figures) is here:  Report-on-PJ51_JHR

The full-size figures are here:    PJ51-report_Figures

A reduced copy of the global map is below:

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