Juno at PJ52

Here is our regular perijove report, for PJ52.  Now that the close pass is on the night side, the most informative imaging is in the approach phase and over the north pole.  The approach phase produced the best global map since solar conjunction, revealing only minor developments in the revival of the NEB. (The figure below compares recent JunoCam maps with pre-conjunction amateur maps.)  The v-hi-res imaging of the north polar cyclones has enabled us to track an anticyclonic white oval drifting around the outside of the octagon over four perijoves.  During the close pass, long exposures in the green filter were taken to search for lightning flashes; these are not discussed here. Outbound, Juno viewed the planet as a sunlit crescent, providing a lo-res map of the south polar region.

The report is here as a PDF, with mini-figures:  Report-on-PJ52_&Minifigs

The full-size figures are here, in a ZIP file:  PJ52-report_Figures

Figure 3:  Maps of the NEB:


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