JunoCam at PJ58: Io

JunoCam at PJ58:  Part I:  Io

John Rogers (BAA) (2024 Feb.9)

Juno’s second close flyby of Io took place on 2024 Feb.3, immediately before Perijove-58. The JunoCam team took more images than last time, especially of Io’s dark side which was mostly illuminated by Jupiter.  The camera operated perfectly, and the resulting images greatly improve our maps of Io; they show three volcanic plumes on the limb; and they show specular reflections from several calderas.  For parts of this report I am indebted to citizen scientists who have posted processed images and identified features of interest, notably Jason Perry, Brian Swift and Gerald Eichstädt.  The report includes a global map from all JunoCam’s imagery at the last three flybys.

The full report is here as a PDF:  PJ58_Report_Io

The full-size figures are here:  PJ58-Report_Io_Figures

Below are copies of several figures: first, the global map from PJ58; then, three PJ58 images showing volcanic plumes on the sky background (which is strongly enhanced).


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