JunoCam at PJ58: Jupiter

Here is our report on JunoCam’s images of Jupiter at PJ58.  As usual, the inbound images provided a whole-planet map, with high resolution on part of the NEB and further north, then there were hi-res views of the north polar polygon.  The NEB views showed details of a faded (ochre) barge and one of the recently-appeared anticyclonic dark spots (amateur images are provided for context).  The north polar map is here compared with those from the previous 5 perijoves to contrast the stability of the 8 circumpolar cyclones with the more variable histories of a smaller extra cyclone and of three anticyclonic white ovals that we are tracking in and adjacent to the octagon.

The report, including mini-figures, is here (PDF):  Report-on-PJ58_II_Jupiter

The full-size figures are here (ZIP):    PJ58-Report-II-Jupiter_Figures

Below are a few of the figures, and an animation showing the rotation of some of the circumpolar cyclones and counter-rotation in their centres.

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