Jupiter’s south polar region dynamics: Two talks for EPSC 2020

The European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC) in 2020 is being held entirely on-line due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Here are two presentations given in different sessions.

For session OPS1: Jupiter’s south polar region (~60-80ºS):  Wind patterns from JunoCam maps’-–  by J.H. Rogers, G. Eichstädt, C.J. Hansen, G.S. Orton, T. Momary.

For session ODAA3:  ‘Jupiter’s south polar region (~60-75ºS):  Medium-term flow patterns from amateur and JunoCam maps’– by J.H. Rogers, A. Casely, G. Adamoli, M. Jacquesson, M. Vedovato, R. Bullen, H-J. Mettig, G. Eichstädt, C.J. Hansen, G.S. Orton, T. Momary.

Both abstracts are in this Word file:  EPSC-2020-abstracts_JHR-SPR_final.doc

The podcast of the OPS1 talk is here:

The podcast of the ODAA3 talk is here: 

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