Geoff W Amery, Director: (1978-1987)

Geoff W Amery
Geoff W Amery

Geoff Amery’s leadership of the BAA Lunar Section is often remembered as a very effective and popular one — one that was mainly due to his temperament, enthusiasm and kindness shown to others. Under his lead the section gained many members and Geoff was always happy to encourage new members to the BAA Lunar Section with great passion. It was his drive that undoubtedly led to the Lunar Section becoming one of the largest and most active sections in the BAA. Geoff Amery joined the BAA in 1970 and took on the role of occultation coordinator in 1974 through to 1978. When Harry Ford resigned his role in 1978 Geoff was named as his successor. As well as being a most competent director who oversaw the day to day running of the section Geoff also made three significant changes in his years of service. These were the introduction of “The New Moon” a bulletin for the lunar section, which dealt with topographic studies of the Moon. In 1986 he revised and enlarged the section’s “Guide to Observing the Moon” and thirdly, he introduced the “From the Director” articles in the Lunar Section Circulars. Amery was also co-founder of the Reading Astronomical Society and served various roles on its committee through his time with the society.

Geoff Amery died in 2010.

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