Lunar Occultations

Timing the disappearance and reappearance of celestial objects at the lunar limb.

Observing Programme What we do in the lunar occultation sub-section.
Grazing Occultations of Stars by the Moon A description by Dr Eberhard Riedel IOTA/ES (external site)
Graze predictions for 2020 Files to assist in planning Graze observations
Observing Technique – Needed Equipment General methods for observing Lunar Grazes (external site)
A Successful Lunar Graze What can be achieved by a Local Society.
Thirteen Contacts observed A well observed graze using video.
Double Star (Project Fade) Example of a double star “Step” occultation recorded with video converted to AVI for analysis. Webpage is currently undergoing development
Archive Lunar occultation observations (1623 to September 2015)

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