Mountain Ranges

Montes Agricola 29.06°N 54.07°W 141 km Georgius Agricola, Earth scientist
Montes Alpes 48.36°N 00.58°W 281 km The Alps, Europe
Montes Apenninus 19.87°N 00.03°W 401 km The Apennine Mountains, Italy
Montes Archimedes 25.39°N 05.25°W 163 km Named after nearby crater Archimedes
Montes Carpatus 14.57°N 23.62°W 361 km The Carpathian Mountains, Europe
Montes Caucasus 37.52°N 09.93°E 445 km The Caucasus Mountains, Europe
Montes Cordillera 17.50°S 79.05°W 574 km Spanish for “mountain chain”
Montes Haemus 17.11°N 12.03°E 560 km Greek name for the Balkan Mountains
Montes Harbinger 26.89°N 41.29°W 90 km Harbingers of dawn on the crater Aristarchus
Montes Jura 47.49°N 36.11°W 422 km The Jura Mountains, Europe
Montes Pyrenaeus 14.05°S 41.51°E 164 km The Pyrenees Mountains, Europe
Montes Recti 48.30°N 19.72°W 90 km Latin for “straight range”
Montes Riphaeus 07.48°S 27.60°W 189 km Greek name for the Ural Mountains, Russia
Montes Rook 20.60°S 82.50°W 791 km Lawrence Rook, astronomer
Montes Secchi 02.72°N 43.17°E 50 km Named after nearby crater Secchi
Montes Spitsbergen 34.47°N 05.21°W 60 km Named after German for “sharp peaks” and for resemblance to the Spitsbergen islands
Montes Taurus 27.32°N 40.34°E 172 km Taurus Mountains, Asia Minor
Montes Teneriffe 47.89°N 13.19°W 182 km Tenerife island

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