Name origin
Mons Agnes 18.66°N 005.34°E 00.65 km 0.3 km Greek feminine name
Mons Ampère 19.32°N 003.71°W 30.00 km 3.0 km André-Marie Ampère, physicist
Mons Andre 05.18°N 120.56°E 10.00 km French masculine name
Mons Ardeshir 05.03°N 121.04°E 08.00km Ardeshir (Ardashir), Persian male name
Mons Argaeus 05.03°N 121.04°E 50.00 km Mount Erciyes, Asia Minor
Mons Blanc 45.41°N 000.44°E 25.00 km 3.6 km Mont Blanc, the Alps
Mons Bradley 21.73°N 000.38°E 30.00 km 4.2 km James Bradley, astronomer
Mons Delisle 29.42°N 035.79°W 30.00 km Named after nearby crater Delisle
Mons Dieter 05.00°N 120.30°E 20.00 km German masculine name
Mons Dilip 05.58°N 120.87°E 02.00 km Indian masculine name
Mons Esam 14.61°N 035.71°E 08.00 km Arabic masculine name
Mons Ganau 04.79°N 120.59°E 14.00 km African masculine name
Mons Gruithuisen Delta 36.07°N 039.59°W 20.00 km Named after nearby crater Gruithuisen
Mons Gruithuisen Gamma 36.56°N 040.72°W 20.00 km Named after nearby crater Gruithuisen
Mons Hadley 26.69°N 004.12°E 25.00 km John Hadley, inventor
Mons Hadley Delta 25.72°N 003.71°E 15.00 km 3.5 km Named after nearby Mount Hadley
Mons Hansteen 12.19°S 050.21°W 30.00 km Named after nearby crater Hansteen
Mons Herodotus 27.50°N 052.94°W 05.00 km Named after nearby crater Herodotus
Mons Huygens 19.92°N 002.86°W 40.00 km 4.7 km Christiaan Huygens, astronomer
Mons La Hire 27.66°N 025.51°W 25.00 km 1.5 km Philippe de la Hire, astronomer
Mons Maraldi 20.34°N 035.50°E 15.00 km 1.3 km Named after nearby crater Maraldi
Mons Moro 11.84°S 019.84°W 10.00 km Antonio Lazzaro Moro, Earth scientist
Mons Penck 10.0°S 021.74°E 30.00 km 4.0 km Albrecht Penck, geographer
Mons Pico 45.82°N 008.87°W 25.00 km 2.0 km Spanish for “peak”
Mons Piton 40.72°N 000.92°W 25.00 km 2.3 km El Pitón, a summit of Mount Teide, Tenerife
Mons Rümker 40.76°N 058.38°W 70.00 km 0.5 km Karl Ludwig Christian Rümker, astronomer
Mons Usov 11.91°N 063.26°E 15.00 km Mikhail Usov, geologist
Mons Vinogradov 22.35°N 032.52°W 25.00 km 1.4 km Aleksandr Pavlovich Vinogradov, chemist
Mons Vitruvius 19.33°N 030.74°E 15.00 km 2.3 km Named after nearby crater Vitruvius
Mons Wolff 16.88°N 006.80°W 35.00 km 3.5 km Baron Christian von Wolff, philosopher

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