Latin Name Latitude Longitude Length km Crater
Vallis Alpes 48.5°N 3.2°E 166 km None
Vallis Baade 45.9°S 76.2°W 203 km Baade
Vallis Bohr 12.4°N 86.6°W 80 km Bohr
Vallis Bouvard 38.3°S 83.1°W 284 km None
Vallis Capella 7.6°S 34.9°E 49 km Capella
Vallis Inghirami 43.8°S 72.2°W 148 km Inghirami
Vallis Palitzsch 26.4°S 64.3°E 132 km Palitzsch
Vallis Planck 58.4°S 126.1°E 451 km Planck
Vallis Rheita 42.5°S 51.5°E 445 km Rheita
Vallis Schrödinger 67.0°S 105.0°E 310 km Schrödinger
Vallis Schröteri 26.2°N 50.8°W 168 km Schröter
Vallis Snellius 31.1°S 56.0°E 592 km Snellius

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