Report Forms, observing cards and graticules

Report forms and observing cards

Visual observers can print a master copy from the large version (PDF) to A4 size, ensuring that the disks are the correct diameter (50 mm). Each form should contain observations for one night only. The three disks can be used to record successive drawings at different times of the night, or for observations with different colour filters. One disk has been blacked round for convenience. Any of the disks can be used to record intensity estimates, if these are made.

Visual observers may also find the Mars drawing cards useful if printed onto thin card. A handy size to use at the telescope.


These graticules were prepared by Ben Burrell – a past Assistant Director of the Mars Section. After being printed (with 50 mm diameter disks) on a transparent acetate sheet they can be used as overlays to determine the coordinates of markings on drawings or images, as described in the Director’s paper in J. Brit. Astron. Assoc., 106, 332–334 (1996). Today they might still be useful for measurements from drawings. Freeware software programmes for measuring positions from images, such as WinJUPOS, are available on the www.

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