Submitting Observations

Observations, in the form of drawings, notes, or images, may be submitted to the Director by email, or by post to:

Dr Paul G. Abel,
Department of Physics & Astronomy,
University of Leicester,
University Road,

For visual observations, the section’s standard visual reporting forms should preferably be used, downloadable here:

Mercury Visual Report Form (PDF)

Venus Visual Report Form (PDF)

Phase estimates in integrated light or using filters should be reported using this spreadsheet (Excel)

Images should be submitted in a standard format if possible, because otherwise the Director has to rename the files.

  • All information should be written upon the image, not sent in an email or separate text file. Above all, details of any filters should be given, and, if possible the bandwidth at half-maximum should be stated.
  • The file should contain the date and the observer’s initials: 2007-04-30-RJM for an image taken on 2007 April 30 by R.J.McKim. The observer is free to add a specific time to this filename, thus 2007-04-30-1200UT-RJM, and so on.

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