Robotic Telescopes Section Overview

robotic telescopeThroughout its history a key objective of the BAA has been astronomy outreach and education through the use of directed observation programmes. The BAA Robotic Telescope Project was set up in 2008 to encourage members to contribute to the various BAA Observing Sections through the use of remote robotic telescopes. The project has supported observations using a number of different systems. The types of objects imaged by members as part of the project include deep sky objects, comets, variable stars, novae, supernovae and asteroids. Each project is supported by a Section Director or a nominated expert in the specific field and the observers are encouraged to write up their results for the BAA Journal or publish in the professional literature. We have also supported the BAA’s educational remit by encouraging contacts with school and college groups and by using and demonstrating the capabilities of robotic telescopes at public lectures and back-to-basics events.

Following the closure of one of the main SSON telescopes and, with the support of Council, the Robotic Telescope Project is being restructured and we are not currently accepting applications. We hope to announce the new arrangements very soon.

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