Neptune 2023 Apparition Notes

Neptune Observations 2023-2024


During this apparition, Neptune is at opposition on 2022 September 19.

2021 September

2023 August
The first observation of the 2023 apparition was made by Luigi Morrone on Aug 14. His image with a R/IR filter (> 610nm) shows Triton and some brightening at the southern limb. Peter Tickner also recorded Triton on Aug 21, but any brightening on the southern limb was only suspected in his image.
2023 September
Rik Hill successfully captured Triton in his images taken on Sep 6 and Sep 15 using a 200mm aperture telescope.

Also on Sep 15 from 11:53 to 12:10 UT, Anthony Wesley recorded a bright spot in the planet’s southern hemisphere.close to the planet’s southern limb. An IR>=600nm filter was used.

Bright Spot on Neptune. 2023 Sep 15. 11:53 to 12:10 UT. Anthony Wesley

Some bright spots have also been recorded by the Keck telescope July 11.

. A similar feature was recorded by Luigi Morrone also on Sep 15 at 22:06. Nothing was recorded on Sep 17 (14:03 UT) but on Sep 18(13:46 UT) another similar spot was recorded by Anthony Wesley. On Sep 28, Luigi Morrone recorded only brighter areas around the southern limb.

2023 Oct

Luigi recorded similar bright features on Oct 3 and . Paul Abel observed on Oct 13.

2023 Oct 3. 21:06 UT. Luigi Morrone C14
2023 Oct 8. 20:58 UT.Luigi Morrone. C14

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