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Neptune Observations 2021 – 2022


During this apparition, Neptune is at opposition on 14 September 2021. Some of the observations received are shown in the Neptune Gallery for this apparition.

2021 November

Martin Lewis imaged the planet on November 1 , Peter Tickner on November 15/16 and John Sussenbach on November 21. All observers recorded the largest satellite Triton and the disk but no disk features were detected.


2021 October

On October 1, Peter Tickner imaged the disk and Triton. No detail was recorded on the disk.

On October 18, Luigi Morrone imaged Neptune and detected brighter areas around the planets southern and Sf. limbs. Triton was also imaged.

2021 September

Neptune is at opposition on September 14.

September 23 is the 175th anniversary of the discovery of Neptune by Johann Galle at the Berlin observatory.

On September 4, Mattia Picolli imaged the planet showing a disk and Triton.

On Sep 23, Luigi Morrone recorded a bright spot on Neptune at R/IR wavelengths. This lay close to the planet’s southern limb and was on the CM at approximately 21:20 UT with a longitude of 121 Deg.

On September 24, Martin Lewis imaged the disk and Triton. No detail was recorded on the disk. 

2021 August
The first observations of Neptune for this apparition were made by Darryl Milika and Pat Nicholas (Australia) on August 8. Their images showed a bright white spot south of the planet’s equator. Images taken ~ 83 minutes apart showed the spot moved with the rotation of the planet.

An observation was made by John Sussenbach (The Netherlands) on August 30 showing the disk and Triton.

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