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Uranus Observations 2021 – 2022


During this apparition, Uranus is at opposition on 04 November 2021. Some of the observations received are shown in the Uranus Gallery for this apparition.

2022 Jan

Manos Kardasis observed on January 5 and his image showed the brighter northern hemisphere. 

On January 13, Martin Lewis imaged the planet with the intention of capturing the epsilon ring.  His resulting  images including his latest revised processed image shows two very  faint /narrow arcs, one each side of the planet, which lie at the predicted positions of the epsilon ring.  Martin has processed the imges very carefully and has tried to account for all causes of artefacts.  

2021 Dec

Andy Wilson developed an Observing Challenge for the satellites of Uranus which was published on the main BAA web page on December 2. Andy had visually detected Titania and Oberon using a a 250mm aperture telescope with a magnification of x417 on December 1.

2021 November

Pewter Tickner observed the planet on November 15/16 and Paul Abel, Manos Kardasis and John Sussenbach on November 21. The brighter northern hemisphere was  recorded and Paul recorded some vague banding. Peter and John were able to image the satellites Oberon, Titania, Umbriel,  Ariel and and Miranda. 

2021 October 

On October 25, the planet was imaged by Peter Tickner and observed visually by Paul Abel. Peter’s IR image hints at vague banding and Paul’s drawing also shows faint banding. Peter was also able to image 5 satellites while Paul was able to record Oberon, Umbriel and Titania.   

On October 5, Manolo Rodriguez imaged the planet showing the bright northern hemisphere and captured the satellites Ariel and Umbriel.

On October 8, Denise Buczynski was able to image Ariel, Umbriel, Titania and Oberon.

2021 September 

On  September 3, Mattia Picolli imaged the planet showing the disk and satellites, Titania, Umbriel, Arial and Oberon.

Kevin Bailey was able to observe on September 5 and 8.

On Sep 24 Luigi Morrone imaged the planet in R/IR showing the bright northern hemisphere. On the same night Kevin Bailey was able to image Titania, Oberon, Ariel and Miranda with a 280mm Schmidt-Cassegrain and a digital camera. On September 29 he imaged the 5 largest satellites with the same equipment and four of the satellites with a webcam.

2021 August

Kevin Bailey was able to observe on August 25 and 27.

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