Submitting Observations

The Solar Section welcomes your observations of the Sun whether these are in white light or narrow band wavelengths such as hydrogen alpha.  These can be in either the form of reduced data such as the daily number of groups or images of various types of solar activity (e.g. sunspots or prominences).

On-line databases are available for the submission of white light and hydrogen alpha data.  Once registered it is straight forward to add your daily observations with monthly mean values calculated for you prior to submission of your observations. A presentation is available which explains how to use the databases.  Your images should be emailed to the Director and, if you wish them to be included in the Section’s Recent Observations Gallery, to the person indicated in the Newsletter.

Below are screenshots of the white light and hydrogen alpha databases table (a description of the various parameters can be found in the presentation):

In addition to the above on-line forms, observers may wish to record there observations using a white light form, AA&RMonthlyReportForm.xls, and hydrogen alpha form, HydrogenAlphaReportForm.doc.

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