BAAVSS Alert Group

I’m delighted to advise that, following the efforts of Gary Poyner, the Section now has an email alert-group.

Roger Pickard,

Gary writes:-

Following on from the note which appeared in VSS Circular 118, page 2, regarding a discussion group relating to Variable Star alerts, this group has now been set up.

The aims of the group are to distribute information on Variable Star activity currently observed by BAAVSS members. This could be anything from a faint or bright Min/Max of a Mira star, a recovery or fade of an RCB star, outburst of a UG star or simply a query on an observation of a binocular object – anything which may be of interest to others. The group will also enable the VSS to pass on information of chart updates, meetings etc. We also encourage discussion on all matters related to Variable Stars and the activities of the BAA VSS.

To join the group, simply send an e-mail with the subject ‘subscribe’ to…

or you can visit the web page and subscribe through there if you wish…

This group is not intended to replace TA E-circulars. You should continue to subscribe to these for rapid discovery information. Also lists of nightly observations will not appear here. These are well provided for by vsnet-obs, and those wishing to report nightly should continue with VSNET.

If you encounter any problems subscribing or unsubscribing, please let me know.

Gary Poyner
BAAVSS-Alert administrator

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