BAAVSS Mentoring

Are you new to VS observing and finding it all a bit overwhelming?  Need some help making visual estimates or CCD photometry, compiling a list of stars to observe or just want to communicate with an experienced VS observer?  Our mentoring scheme provides contact information with observers who have offered their services to help and encourage new observers to Variable Star astronomy.  Contact the Director for more information!

1 Dave Storey, Douglas, Isle of Man
2 Jeremy Shears, Bunbury, Cheshire
3 Tracie Heywood, Leek, Staffordshire
4 Gary Poyner, Birmingham, West Midlands
5 Roger Pickard, Hobdon, Herefordshire
6 Chris Jones, West Hanningfield, Essex
7 John Howarth, Erith, Kent (analysis)
8 Guy Hurst, Basingstoke, Hampshire
9 John Toone, Cressage, Shropshire
10 Des Loughney, Edinburgh (DSLR Photometry)

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