Northampton Meeting 2016


PDF files of Powerpoint Presentations highlighted

10.30  Doors open with refreshments
11.00  Welcome and Introduction – Roger Pickard Director
11.10  Dr. David Boyd – What does 15 years of data tell us about DW UMa?
11.30  Des Loughney – The Eclipsing Binary V1061 Tau
12.00  Dr. John Southworth, Keele University – What is the point of observing Eclipsing Binaries?

1.00 Lunch

2.15  Simon Hodgkin, Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit – Science alerts from Gaia
3.15  Andy Wilson – Update to the VSS Database
3.25  Chris Jones – The ICCE programme

3.45   Tea

4.20  Gary Poyner – A telescopic Variable Star hop around the arrow.
4.40  John Toone – America’s first Variable Star
5.00  Shaun Albrighton – The Binocular Programme

5.30  End

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