The VSS progress report


Introduction                       Work in Progress – waiting for VSS update before continuing     19/08/2018

Articles                              Not Started          – Waiting for VSS update before continuing     19/08/2018

Absolute Beginners           Completed           – Waiting for VSS inspection                             19/08/2018

Charts                                Not Started          – Just waiting                                                       19/08/2018

Eclipse Predictions           Completed           -Waiting for VSS inspection                               23/08/2018

Historical Papers              Completed          – Waiting for Inspection                                        19/08/2018

Meet the VSS                   Not started          – Waiting intruction                                               19/08/2018

Mire Predictions              Completed           – Waiting for Insection                                          22/08/208

Publications                    Work in progress – just waiting for brief notes                                  19/08/2018

VSS Directors                 Completed          – No further work required 

VSOTY                           Completed          – Waiting for VSS inspection – Waiting for Charts 19/08/2018

VSS Databases

VSS Database                  Completed – No further work required

Spectroscopy Database     Completed – No further work required

VSS Observational Programme
CCD                                Work in progress – Waiting for Jeremy update                                                        19/08/2018

CV & Eruptive                Work in progress – Transferred – waiting for VSS inspection – waiting for Charts 19/08/2018

Eclipsing Programme   –  Work in progress – waiting for Charts and a couple of links.                                  19/08/2018

Pulsating                         Work in progress – Transferred – waiting for VSS inspection – waiting for charts    19/08/2018

Supernovae                      Completed           – Transferred – waiting for VSS inspection                                   19/08/2018

VSS Other Information

Alert Group                  Completed – Transferred – link problems? – Waiting for VSS inspection                      19/08/2018

Butterworth Award       Completed – Transferred – waiting for VSS inspection                                                  19/08/2018

Facebook                      Completed – No further work required

JD Calculator               Completed – No further work required

HJD Calculator            Completed – No further work required

Links                            Completed – No further work required

Memoirs                       Completed – waiting for VSS inspection                                                                        19/08/2018

Mentoring                     Completed – No further work required

Past Meeting                 Completed – waiting for VSS inspection, except for one missing link on the front page. Andy in hand 19/08/2018

Still waiting for thumbnails for Publication page. 19/08/2018

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