Asteroid (156) Xanthippe occulted mag 12 star on 2018 Oct 29 at 1919UT

The 125-km wide main belt asteroid (156) Xanthippe occulted a 12th magnitude star in Aquila as seen from parts of southern UK and northern Europe. See:
The star is UCAC4-409-131091 (R=11.9, V=12.5)
RA(2000): 20 28 11.61 Dec(2000) -08 13 04.5
(aka GSC 5754 0239)
The event occured on the evening of Monday, October 29th at about 19:19 UT.
Maximum duration of the occultation was 5.76 seconds as recorded by Adrian Jones.
A record total of 13 positive occultation timings were made by observers located in England thanks to good weather on the night.
Here is the predicted shadow track which in reality only shifted by about 12 km from the predicted centre line, showing just how good predictions of the larger main-belt asteroids is tehse days.
Unfortunately, all observers in northern Europe were clouded out.
The resultant occultation profile is sown on Eric Frappa’s Euraster occultation results site at:

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