Deep Sky Update – July 2019

Hello, and welcome to the first Deep Sky Update. I plan to make these a regular monthly update on the section and news from around the Deep Sky World. If you spot any items which you think will be of interest to the section members, then please email me.

Deep Sky Section Meeting 2020

A date for your diary – the section meeting for 2020 will be held on Saturday 14th March, at The Diamond, Sheffield. The Diamond is the University of Sheffield’s Faculty of Engineering’s main building.
If you have thoughts on speakers / topics you would like to hear about, or would like to give a short (or long) talk do get in touch.

Delegates at the DSS meeting in March 2019, Cheltenham – photo Andy Pearson

Review of Section Programmes

I intend to start a review of the section programmes in the next couple of months with a view to re-vitalising this aspect of the work of the section. I know that many members ‘do their own things’ – but there will always be intersections with our programmes.
I’d appreciate feedback on observing programmes in general, and ideas on specific programmes that you might be interested in.


I am hoping that over the summer months, with less going on, that I will finally be able to issue a 2018 newsletter and 2019 H1 newsletter. I’ll be aiming in future to issue two a year. If you have any observations from the past 6 months that you have not sent in yet please do so. Also if you have time to write a short article or note for inclusion please send to me as soon as you can.

Sky & Telescope – New Owners

I expect most people will be aware that the publishers of Sky & Telescope got into financial difficulties, and that the magazine was put up for sale. Recently it was announced that the American Astronomical Society (AAS) has purchased the publication to ensure the future of the magazine. This sounds to me to be an excellent match. I know some people feel that it is not as good as it was in it’s heyday, but hopefully it may be heading in a new direction

Books on offer from Melvyn Taylor’s library – Deep Sky

The Invisible Universe – David Malin (large format, coffee table picture book)
Webb Society Deep-Sky Observer’s Handbooks:-
 Volume 1 Double Stars – R W Argyle, K G Jones
 Volume 2 Planetary and Gaseous Nebulae – D A Allen, E S Barker, K G Jones
 Volume 3 Open and Globular Clusters – E S Barker, K G Jones

If you are interested in any of these please let me know and I will pass your details onto Alex Pratt who is looking after this – or email Alex direct if you have his contact details.

Clear, dark skies,

Callum Potter
Director, Deep Sky Section
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