Deep Sky Update – November 2019

Darker evenings have been appreciated over the past few weeks, but the weather has not been very kind to me, so not much chance to do any observing. I have also been trying to use iTelescope in New Mexico but it also seems to have been plagued with bad weather too recenty.

But, in the news this month:

Section Meeting 2020 – another speaker confirmed

Also speaking at the 2020 March 14 meeting in Sheffield will be Gain Lee – Gain will be well known to many and will be sure to give an interesting talk. 
If anyone would like to talk at the meet in a short slot (or long one!) – please let me know as soon as possible so I can start to finalise the programme.
I’ll be working on the online booking form soon, and will let everyone know when you can start booking.

Canon release EOS-Ra

Perhaps the biggest news for astro-photographers this month is th release by Canon of news about their new astro version of their EOS-R camera – a full frame, mirrorless ‘DSLR’.

You can read reviews on Sky & Telescope and Redshark, links below.

Priced at around $2500 (which probably equates to £2500) it’s not th cheapest option, but I am sure lots of people will get stunning photos from this camera.’s-new-eos-for-astrophotography

International Astronomy Show (IAS)

The IAS is coming up this Friday and Saturday at Stoneleigh near Conventry. I’ll be there on the Saturday (16th) on the BAA stand.

I will also be at the BAA Equipment & Techniques section meeting on Sunday (17th Nov) in Bedford.

So I hope to be able to catch up if you are at either of these events.

Clear, dark skies,

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