EPSC 2021: Open Pro-Am Workshops on the Giant Planets

EPSC 2021 Professional and Amateur Splinter Workshops on the Giant Planets

Everyone interested is invited to attend two ‘splinter workshops’ during this month’s EuroPlanet Science Congress, open on Zoom to anyone without need for registration.  In each one, a short introduction will be followed by five talks of 15 minutes each, including time for questions, and there will be more time for discussion at the end of the session.  The talks will be given live and questions can be asked via Zoom chat.


SMW2: Pro-Am collaborations (I): Juno’s Extended Mission at Jupiter


Time: 2021 Sept. 17 – 17:30 CEST Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Wien  (16:30 BST London; 15:30 UT)

Duration: 1.5 hours.

Join Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 875 5695 2793.  Passcode: 985567.  Organiser: Ricardo Hueso.


Detailed program:

* Introduction – Ricardo Hueso (UPV/EHU)

* Juno Extended mission – Shawn Brueshaber (JPL)

* New JunoCam Views of Jupiter – Candice Hansen (LPI)

* HST /OPAL observations of Jupiter- Amy A. Simon (NASA Goddard)

* Jupiter atmosphere in 2021 – John  H. Rogers (BAA)

* Jupiter landscapes from Voyager to Juno – Björn Jónsson (Iceland)


SMW3: Pro-AM collaborations (II): JWST and the exploration of Giant Planets


Time: 2021 Sep 24, 17:25 CEST Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Wien

     (16:25 BST London; 15:25 UT)

Duration: 1.5 hours.

Join Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 893 7486 8296.  Passcode: 240591.   Organiser: Leigh Fletcher.


Detailed program:

* Introduction – Leigh. N. Fletcher (University of Leicester)

* Gas Giants and the JWST – Leigh. N. Fletcher (University of Leicester)

* Ice giant variability– Mike Roman (University of Leicester)

* Neptune’s amateur observations – Marc Delcroix (SAAF)

* Amateur spectroscopy of Uranus and Neptune – Christopher Pellier (France)

* Challenges of Ice Giant imaging  – Anthony Wesley (Australia)


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