Gyulbudaghian’s Nebula Brightens

BAA member David Boyd, using a 0.35m SCT with SXVR-H9 CCD camera, reports that Gyulbudaghian’s Variable Nebula, which is associated with the young Herbig Ae star PV Cephei, is currently brighter than he has observed it at any time over the last 3 years.


[Images from David Boyd – The picture shows two images of the star and nebula, the result of 30 mins of exposure on 2012 March 28 (left) and 20 mins exposure on 2012 December 5 (right), both taken using a 0.35-m SCT with a SXVR-H9 CCD camera and a Rc filter.]

The Deep Sky Section has a programme to monitor this fan shaped nebula in an attempt to correlate changes in shape and brightness with its associated star.  If you would like to get involved in this programme, or if you have been involved in the past and were disappointed at continually observing what appeared to be blank sky, now is the time to start monitoring again. PV Cephei is located at RA 20:45:54 & Dec +67:57:39.


If you are interested in imaging the nebula on a regular basis (say monthly, or weekly if possible as it can change in appearance quite rapidly) please ensure you use identical equipment and exposure each time so that any recorded change in appearance is due to a real change in the nebula and not to changes in exposure details.  The monitoring programme is being coordinated by Grant Privett. Please send images in FITS format to Grant with a JPG copy to myself for the Section archive. The nebula is notoriously difficult for visual observers, but owners of large Dobsonians who relish a challenge may be interested in trying for it in its current bright state.

Stewart Moore
Deep Sky Section Director
2012 Dec. 10

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