Istimirant Stella

Updated: 2017-07-24

Between 1973 February and 1987 February the Comet Section produced 26 issues of a newsletter called Istimirant Stella. These were edited by Mike Hendrie, Andy Stephens and Stan Milbourn. I have now taken posession of most of the Comet Section archive from Jonathan Shanklin and have been slowly working through the boxes. Attached to this news item are the full set of 26 issues in three batches.

It is an interesting read and shows how different things were 40 years ago. Look out for John Bortle’s guide to comet hunting and descriptions of Comet West from 1975 along with many other interesting notes and observations. There are quite a few familiar names in these issues, some of whom are still active.

Istimirant Stella No 1 – 10.pdf

Istimirant Stella No 11 – 17.pdf

Istimirant Stella No 18 – 26.pdf

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