Juno Observer: a new online tool for viewing Juno images

An excellent new on-line tool for viewing JunoCam images has just been unveiled.  It is Juno Observer, developed by Matt Brealey, a young visual effects designer based in Bristol. Closeup JunoCam images are narrow strips which are often difficult to visualise in context without careful mapping, but this system now makes it very simple for the user to locate them.  Each JunoCam image is projected onto a 3D globe of the planet, which can be enlarged to full resolution, aligned in longitude or in space, and rotated to any viewpoint.  The global projection comes with Juno’s orbital track, and a lat/long grid (see sample image below).    

Juno Observer is at: https://juno.observer/

It is very easy to use, and free.  There is a very good 5-minute introductory video. All the images from each perijove are there.  This is still a beta-testing version and Matt can be contacted with queries or suggestions.  

It does not duplicate Gerald’s image products but nicely complements them.  Gerald produces static hi-res images and maps, and spectacular continuous movies of complete flybys, with high intensity and colour contrast. Juno Observer produces projections of each image sequentially onto the planet, which can be rotated to any perspective, and the contrast is more subdued, so it is less colourful but more natural.  Future developments may enable merging of images into larger maps. 

I strongly recommend this web site to anyone interested in Jupiter images.

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