Unexpected Perseid Meteor Outburst

Unexpected Perseid Meteor Outburst – During daylight hours from the UK

Central Bureau Electronic Telegram No 5016, issued on 2021 August 14, reports observations from the United States and Canada of an unexpected outburst of Perseid meteors between 06h and 11h UT on 2021 August 14, unfortunately during daylight hours from the UK. 

Early results from the CAMS video-based meteoroid orbit survey networks in Texas and California show an activity profile with a peak ZHR approximately three times the average annual Perseid activity at that solar longitude. Visual observations by P. Martin from Ottawa, Canada showed “multiple Perseids per minute with many bursts, sometimes 3-4 in a second.”  Koen Miskotte of the Dutch Meteor Society calculated a peak ZHR of 210 +/- 20 meteors per hour at a solar longitude of 141.474 +/- 0.005 deg (equinox J2000.0) from his 5-minute counts.

Forward scatter radio observations by observers in many countries also show this unexpected burst in activity. The Director would be interested to hear from any UK radio observers who may have recorded this outburst, particularly those who have comparative observations covering the same time period on other days. Visual observations by BAA members in North America would also be welcomed.

Please contact meteor@britastro.org

Dr John Mason, Director, BAA Meteor Section

15 August 2021


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