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Sam Cherry

At the beginning of July Dominik Dietrich, whom I met three years ago at OMD, called me and asked if I could not be so nice and would like to introduce their link building service SofortMehrLinks on my blog. In principle, I like to present products and services, I replied to him, only I had a problem with recommending a service that I would neither know nor see working. We therefore agreed that we wanted to do a little test. I gave Dominik the name of a domain of a friend I knew that nothing had been done for ages and which was active in a rather mediocre competitive area. Unfortunately I can hardly name the domain here, but so much can be said, the business is located in the furniture sector. In any case, this was the ideal guinea pig for the upcoming link building test. Dominik then took the basic package as the basis for the test and got started. Here are the relevant key data. Link building basis for smaller websites 10 new top links + One-off EUR 49.00 net + Manual link building + 1-2 desired keywords + Link building report by email A few days later I had the link building report on my desk. Now it was time to wait. It takes time until Google's bot has visited and indexed the linking pages, then a few more days for the calculation of the links, only then does the effect become apparent and it makes sense to report about it. Now, after waiting 5 weeks, the time has finally come. And you will have already guessed it, as usual I will use my favorite iphone tool, the Sistrix Toolbox, to present the results. A look at the course of the Sistrix Visibility Index suggests that with a delay of 3-4 weeks an initial effect has occurred. The SR (Sistrix Rank) has increased significantly in the past two weeks. Please do not break into cheers now, the values ​​are still below 0.01 and can therefore be assigned to the rubbish category. In addition to the SR chart, I also have a ranking chart for the linked main keyword. It is very nice to see that after two years of abstinence, the key word reappeared in the Google Top 100 rankings 5-6 weeks ago. Entry at position 65, then steady increase to place 27. So it actually looks as if the small SofotMehrLinks basic package had achieved something. And you shouldn't expect miracles with such a service for small money, a seasoned link builder throws around with completely different prices. Of course, I also took a look at the misplaced links. Essentially, these were bookmark services, whose domains had both a green bar and a non-disappearing SisxtrixRank. Both of these are prerequisites for not sitting on any broken websites. The entries were made with the promised variance, all links were all set to "follow" and thus real and countable links - all in all I was pleasantly surprised at the end. I've seen very different things lately. Finally, the note that I will of course continue to monitor the progress and development of the test page. Maybe one day Artkel will drop one.
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