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Honor Wheeler

I consider myself an enthusiastic amateur. I love observing the Sun, Moon, Milky Way and atmospheric phenomena. I dabble at astrophotography but like to keep it simple imaging (mostly) without the hassle of taking multiple lights, dark's, flat's etc. Instead I enjoy the challenge of single image capture's with a modest set-up. I also have fun sharing the image from the telescope using live video projection on a tablet, there is nothing better than sharing a view of Jupiter or the Moon with a group of youngsters. (My Profile image is of the star Sirius which was created by using a long exposure and moving the camera during the exposure. I then got creative in Photoshop)

Local society membership: Crayford Manor House Astronomical Society Dartford

2019 Jun 6


2019 Apr 20

2019 Apr 11


2019 Apr 1

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2019 Mar 4


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