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Geof Lewis

I've been interested in astronomy for over 50 years, growing up under the the dark skies of North Norfolk. My parents moved to Oxfordshire when I was 13, then to Surrey a few years later where I remained for nearly 50 years, so I've spent most of adult life living in much more light polluted locations. The poorer night skies combined with work and family commitments resulted in my astronomy activities being very much on the back burner until I took early retirement a few years ago. Since 2016 I'm now living back in Norfolk with my wife of 44 years and I'm getting back to astronomy with a vengence. Primarily imaging from my own ROR observatory, I also enjoy some visual observing especially when the skies or wind make imaging impossible. I particularly enjoy planetary imaging, which is currently something of a challenge from the UK, but I also like to go after DSOs with my current focus being to collect as many from the Messier list as is possible from my location. My Messier collection so far stands at 89/110, some of which are very poor quality taken from LP Surrey, so I will also be looking to replace those with better versions from the much darker Norfolk skies. I still have some way to go to complete the list, which may never happen, but hopefully will keep me occupied over the new few years.....

Local society membership: Norwich Astronomical Society

2020 Jan 25

2019 Jul 23


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